Negative Effects of Social Networking

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How Social Networking Sites Can Effect Relationships

April 15, 2011 by evjordan · No Comments · Uncategorized

an adorable couple(:Never would you think that social networking could negatively effect our relationships, when the key point to them, is to build relationships. Since things posted and said on these websites have such a great influence on how we percieve things, and feel.. It is very easy to take things the wrong way. Especially since it’s only in text, and by reading words on a screen, you can not, one hundred percent of the time, analyze the mood and purpose of words correctly. Due to our false preconceptions, and biased thinking, many tend to take things out of context, and over think every little thing. When speaking of relationships, I am referring to those with a significant others, friends, family, teachers, people you’ve met just one time, and etc. Every day we gain and build new relationships. By giving so much information on our sites or “profiles”, it can lead people to think the wrong things occasionally, and percieve what type of person we are in the wrong way. While still in highschool, and focusing on which college to go to, college scouts could easily go to our “pages” and see intimate things about our personal lives, and maybe even things that shouldn’t be open to the public. The relationship one could have started with that college scout, or university, is now easily capable of vanishing before it is even given the opportunity to start. When in a relationship with someone you love, or even high school relationships, what you post, or who you are friends with, can upset your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. We can not control what anyone does other than ourselves, and someone could choose to post something that could jeapordize your opportunity of success, or happiness. Social Networking websites can not control what people post, and the types of things they say, and therefore by having an account and by using all of these sites that are available to us, we are putting our relationships at risk.

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